Puppy Class
Puppy class, based on positive reward training, helps
you develop a strong, enjoyable, and lasting relationship between you and your dog.  While establishing a foundation of basic obedience skills, classes also include god manners and dog management practices.  Agility equipment, rally exercises, and even some dry-work herding are often added to the curriculum so learning and training continue to be interesting for both handler and puppy.  The classes are designed to meet the needs of the participants.  Each individual participant is given personal attention,  while making the class as a whole a learning experience for everyone.
Early socialization is so important for every dog and these classes will help you make that a positive experience for you and your dog.
Although it is labeled "Puppy Class", this does not mean you cannot bring an older dog to this class.  If you get a new dog which is not a puppy, this is a great way to begin your relationship with one another.  Or possibly you've had a dog for a bit, but never had any formal training in working with your dog.  This would be an excellent start in learning the basics.  It is a fun, non stressful way to learn for both you and your dog.
One of the great things about the puppy class is the fact that you may join at any point, the class numbers are only to describe what will be offered in that lesson.  So, you could start with #3 or even #8 and continue on.
No matter what your plans are for your dog, Puppy Class provides the stepping stones to a wonderful future for you and your dog.

Fee Schedule
Punch cards you will get 8 lessons pre paid
Group classes are cheaper and they are from the first night you start till that code number comes up again.  If you miss any there will be no make up of these classes.
First time students $100 with out punch card or $125 for a punch card.
First time students - recommend that the team take one hour privates.  If the dog is an adult we can do that in an one hour session or we can divide into 2 - 1/2 lessons.
Private Lessons are $60 per hour
Private schedule is on my herding days or you can contact me via email to set up a time for you.

Punch card is $95 for 8 week
Returning students not on punch card $70
The information on these web pages is meant to be used by students in conjunction with my classes.
Feel free to contact me regarding upcoming Obedience Classes.



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Develop a strong enjoyable relationship with your dog.



Obedience Schedule

Puppy                               Performance
Class           Topic            Class          Topic

Tuesday                            Wednesday
 5:30           1                       6:00     5


CANCELED until further notice.   I can do privates on days I am teaching herding. Take a look at herding for the days that I am teaching.  

Please check back or set up a private via email.