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Tips for the Day
Reinforce all behavior you want Ignore behavior you don't want.
What is Reinforcement?
What is Ignoring a behavior?
If you give Reinforcement what was it for?
When Emotions kick in all Training and Communication ENDS.
Give a negative add a positive.
Punishment fit the crime.
Good teacher will let you sink but not let you drowned.
Give them enough room to hang them self.
Learning takes place when they are correct 8 out of 10 times.
Ahh or No is NO information.  Say what you want.
DON'T or NOT take them out of your vocabulary.  Say what you want.  Examples.  Don't throw your clothes on the floor - only hears throw clothes on the floor.  Verses - Put your clothes away.  Only one option.
Set rules small enough to accomplish them and stick with the rules in the situation.
TRY out of your vocabulary.  You WILL.
Don't argue.
Training must be Black and White.
Consistency is the key.
Work as a team.
Split behaviors don't lump them all together.
Ask for behavior.  Get the behavior.  Reinforce the behavior.  Repeat or help get the right response.
Behavior Model

Positive Reinforcement-  Apply something they Like or want. This will strengthen a behavior
Negative Reinforcement - Negative doesn't mean something bad.  Ignoring would be Negative Reinforcement.  Avoiding something unpleasant and then negative stops.  ie.  Driving to work you leave late and have more traffic.  When you leave early you have less traffic.  So you will leave early to miss the traffic.
Punishment - Something is applied to that is a negative that they don't want.  High level and shouldn't have to keep doing the same thing.  Must find the right level
Extinction - Before the behavior is gone there will be a burst of behavior that will increase before it goes away.
All 4 of these must be applied when training.

Recommended Books and other Resources
I have been collecting my library for 20 years.
The books and tapes reflect information on many subjects, including training, health, and breeding.

Most books and tapes can be purchased from Dogwise 1-800-776-2665

Conditioning and Jumping

· The Clothier Natural Jumping Method by Suzanne Clothier Flying Dog Press 1-800-7-fly-dog
 · Jumping from A to Z by M. Christine Zink DVM Canine Sports Productions, 1810A York Rd #360, Luthervill, MD 21093, 410-561-1555 Positive Thinking for Competition
· That Winning Feeling by Jane Savoie
· Winnervision by Beth Josi, PO Box 1763, Oregon City, OR 97045 506-657-6056 


Here is a direct link to The Traveling Herding Teacher by Bob Vest. Please let me know if you have any questions or need assistance. 

Bob Vest the Traveling Herding teacher

other books at www.rowpub.com

Jerry Rowe Video 2010

Humane Livestock Handling By Temple Grandin

· CUTTING - One Run at a Time by Barbra Schulte (www.amazon.com) Training Books · Excel-Erated Learning by Dr. Pamela J. Reid


  · The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson · Play training Your Dog by Patricia Gail Burnham
· Don't Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor · Lads on the Wind by Karen Pryor · A Dog and a Dolphin, by Karen Pryor
· Training Pet People by Leslis Nelson
· On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals, by Turid Rugaas
 · Reinforcement Training for Dogs, by John Fisher
· Think Dog, by John Fisher · Super puppy, by Peter Vollmer
 · Choose to Heel, by Dawn Jecs
· Dog Talk, by John Ross
· The Inducive Retrieve, by Sue Sternberg
· Suey the Sheep Dog, by John Richardson
· Dog Behavior, by Ian Dunbar
· Beginning Family Dog Trainin, by Patricia B. McConnell, PhD.

· Puppy Primer, by Brenda Scidmore

· Purely Positive Training, by Sheila Booth
 Training Audio Tapes
 · The Power of Positive Training - Ted Turner · Tape 1 - The ABC's of Behavior Shaping · Tape 2 - The Fundamentals of Training · Tape 3 - Extinguishing Aggression and Other Problem Behavior · Positively Ringwise by Patty Ruzzo (getting ready for competition obedience) · Positively Ready by Leslie Nelson ( pet dog) · Show noise/s and ring pattern · All these are available from Positive Power Productions, 20918 Ewing Rd, Preston, MD 21655 · Positive Innovations Seminar, parts 1, 2, 3, by Grey Stafford Training Video Tapes · Positively Fetching, Jabby Productions, 9794 Mountainview Drive, Waite Hill, OH 44094 · Set of 5 tapes from Positive Power, with sections by:

· Ted Turner - Celebrated Behaviorist and Popular Speaker · Leslie Nelson - Educator & behavior consultant for pet dog training · Patty Ruzzo - Top Obedience Trial competitor · Clicker Magic, Karen Pryor All Karen Pryor's videos are very good.

Karen Pryor's web page, including the Sunshine Books catalog
· Attention and Handling, Terri Arnold Health Care
 · The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs, and Cats by Diane Stein ISBN 0-89594-686-6
· Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats, by Diane Stein ISBN 0-895964-614-9
· The Holistic Guide For a Healthy Dog by Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, DVM ISBN 0-87605-560-9
· Give Your Dog A Bone, by Dr. Ian Billinghurst ISBN 0-646-16028-1
· Grow you Pups With Bones, by Dr. Ian Billinghurst · Dogs Homeopathic Remedies, by George Macleod
· Bach Flower Essences for the Family
· Breeding · Breeding Better Dogs, by Carmelo Battaglia Catalogs
· KV Vet Supply, 3190 N Road, PO Box 245, David City, NE 68632800-423-8211. Supplies, supplements, dog toys, dog supply.

· BRONSON, 1945 Craig Road, PO 46903, St Louis, MO 63146-6903, 800-235-3200. Vitamins and Herbs.

Herding MagazinesThanks to Terri Hardwick and L.

Georgi for permission to use the herding resources FAQ.


· THE RANCH DOG TRAINER, magazine $22/year (6 issues) Ranch Dog Trainer, HC 69 Box 300, Oscar, OK 73569. Phone 580-437-2215. Email ranchdog@mcn.com (For "RDT's Puppy Book", basic information on raising and starting a pup, send $2.50 to above address.)

· THE WORKING BORDER COLLIE, magazine $25/year (6 issues) Working Border Collie, 14933 Kirkwood Road, Sidney, OH,45365

· THE WORKING STOCK DOG MAGAZINE (Bimonthly)$35 (Australian) to Mudall, Nygan, NSW 2825 Australia OR $30 (US) to Susan Thorp, 2656 Merino Ave, Oskaloosa, IA 52577
· OUTRUN $40, bimonthly Shepherds View, North Beer, Launceston Cornwall PL15 8NP, UK
· WORKING SHEEPDOG NEWS Bimonthly; $55 (air) $49 (surface mail) Delia Sturgeon, editor, Enterprise Centre, St Thomas Rd, Launceston, Cornwall, Wales PL15 8BU Herding Books
 · A WAY OF LIFE by H. Glyn Jones $29.00 - 34.95, depending where you get it
· THE FARMER'S DOG by John Holmes $17.95
· SHEEPDOG TRAINING:AN ALL BREED APPROACH by Mari Taggert-Schaeffer $19.95 Alpine Publications, PO Box 7027, Loveland, CO, 80537, 1-800-777-7257
· THE SHEEP DOG by Tim Longton ISBN 0 71537149 5
 · WORKING SHEEP DOGS by John Templeton. ISBN 0-87605-835-7
 · HERDING DOGS: PROGRESSIVE TRAINING by Vergil Holland. ISBN 0-87605-644-3 $21.95 (Mr. Holland also has audiotapes)
· LESSONS FROM A STOCKDOG by Bruce Fogt, 14933 Kirkwood Rd, Sidney, OH 45365 $30.00 including s/h

9 Princples of perfect Horsemanship by Don Blazer Herding Videos · COME BY and AWAY - The early stages of sheepdog training $34.95 THAT'LL DO - widening the sheepdog's experience $34.95 TAKE TIME $34.95 H. Glyn Jones
· HERDING I (an overview) $48.35 HERDING II (young dog work) $48.35 HERDING III (advanced penning & shedding" $48.35 Jeanne Joy Hartnagle, Hartnagle's Las Rocosa Aussies, 1675 Upland, Boulder, CO, 80304 (Also available from 4M Enterprises)
 · TRAINING AND WORKING A BORDER COLLIE $39.95 (Canadian orders add GST) Rural Route Videos PO Box 359 R Austin Manitoba, R0H 0C0 Canada, 1-800-823-7703
 · THE PERFECT STOCKDOG Training Border Collies on Cattle Ben Means $29.50 plus $3 S/H Rt 1 Box 1185 Walnut Grove, MO 65770 (Ben also has a tape on starting a Kelpie on ducks and cattle)
· EWE WERE MADE FOR ME (follows beginner's first 2 years, to trials) Bruce Englefield (American format L23 plus L5 S/H) Crossways, Leatherhead Rd Great Bookham, Surrey KT23 4SB
TRAINING YOUR DOG TO WORK CATTLE $39.95 + $3 shipping Mike Hubbard Avail. from Border Collies in Action, Rt 2 Box 54D Tulelake CA 96134 · HOW TO HANDLE CATTLE WITH COWDOGS (i.e.

Catahoulas and Australian Shepherds) $39.95 Phil Phillips PO Box 223 Wills Point, TX 75169 WILL I GROW UP TO BE A COWDOG?

e-mail mccallumK9@aol.com

phone 763 971 0563

url http://hometown.aol.com/mccallumk9/index.html

· SELECTING AND TRAINING A STOCKDOG $38 postpaid L. R. Alexander Rt 3 Box 145 Marshfield, MO 65706

Australian Shepherd Stuff The Structure & Movement of The Australian Shepherd by Victoria Mistretta. $25.00 (Postage included)

* note: add $5.00 for Canadian and $10.00 postage for international orders.

Send order to: Victoria Mistretta, 675 Rogue Air Dr, Shady Cove OR 97539 phone (541) 878-9482

ALL ABOUT AUSSIES Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor $49.95

Other Neat Stuff · SHEPHERD'S CROOKS & WHISTLES Premier, Box 89f, Washington, IA 52353, 1-319-653-6631 Where you can get Books and Videos · Dogwise 1-800-776-2665 · Sunshine Books - Karen Pryor's Bookstore.

· 4M Enterprises

1280 Pacific St, Union City CA 94587, phone 1-800-487-9867 · Border Collies in Action Rt 2 Box 54D, Tulelake CA 96134, phone 1-800-833-0332 · Diamond Farm Book Publishers Box 537, Bailey Settlement Rd, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607 phone 1-800-481-1353 · The Dog House

2915 Anderson Ln Crawford TX 76638

phone 1-817-486-2500

(also carries Hubert Bailey's audiotape, TRAINING WHISTLE COMMANDS, for $15 plus $1.50 postage)

How to train a police bloodhound by Kevin Kocher (excersises to teach tracking)

Enthusiastic Tracker by William Sanders (AKC tracking)

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