June 28      12 pm - Small Breeds only CANCELED

July 5         12 pm - Small Breeds only |  and 6 pm - All Breed

July 19th      12 pm - Small Breeds only |  and 6 pm - All Breed

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Molly Speckhardt


Molly Speckhardt

Contact information:

Phone: 206-295-7714

$15 / Class

Noon classes for small breeds

Contact me to sign up for a class! 

Molly grew up in dogs starting in 1979 when her parents bred their first litter of show dogs.  After high school and learning how to breed and show many of her family’s dogs to their championships, her apprenticeship for being a professional Dog Handler began.  The next 5 years, she spent learning everything she would need to know to care for, condition, and present top winning show dogs.  After that and for the next 15 years, she had shown top winning show dogs throughout the US and abroad. 

Some of her accomplishments as a handler include Best in Show winning Portuguese Water Dogs, Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzu, and Australian Shepherds throughout the US and Internationally.  She has also shown multiple Best In Show winning dogs in other countries as Hong Kong, Thailand, and Canada.

In 1996, she was trained to become a Master Certified Professional Groomer, specializing in Portuguese Water Dogs.  Some of the top winning show and performance dogs that she has groomed and shown include winners from Westminster Kennel Club, the US and Canadian Portuguese Water Dog Club Nationals, and around the world.  She has also been a professional groomer for many celebrities in the Seattle area and those just visiting.

Retiring from Handling in 2010 to take a break, she still maintained her Club memberships including the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, PWD Club of America, Mt. Rainier Yorkshire Terrier Club, and is once again, a board member to the PNW PWD Club.

Today, she still presents grooming seminars along with her book titled,

How To Groom Your Portuguese Water Dog .  

Currently grooming in Seattle, she owns two Portuguese Water Dogs, Conrad and Zeus, and has started professionally handling again, but on a smaller level. 



7210 Worline Road
Bow, WA 98232-9745