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WTCH ​​​Chuckanut Tranquil Stone of Firhill HXAs HSAdc  OFTDsc HTAD111cs DNA-VP

Cerf Clear Feb 2016
CD n/n  CEA n/n  CMR1 n/n  DM n/n  HC n/n  MDR1 n/n

Sire:  WTCH Double V Cedar of Chuckanut  OFTDs ATD-Msc RTDcs Dna-VP HSAdsc HSBdc HIAs HXAdsc HXBdsc  DNA
Dam:  H S It Hasta Be Shasta OTDcds DNA VP

High Combined Non WTCH 2017
2 High in trial AKC Sheep -
Advanced June 2017
2 Reserve High in Trial AKC  Aug 2017

High Combined Non WTCH ASCA Nationals 2017

8th Cattle Finals 2018 Nationals

WTCH ​​​Chuckanut Tranquil Stone of Firhill HXAs HSAdc HTAD111scdg HTD III-d OFTDsc DNA-VP