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Scheduling Herding Classes
The wait is worth it! Come join us for positive herding and watch your dog improve.
This is a great team sport for you & your dog.
Dogs will be worked 2 times in each class
with a 2 hour break between each session. 

Classes will include short discussions at the beginning and throughout the day.  Each class is approximately a 4 hour time commitment.
PRE-REGISTRATION BY EMAIL IS REQUIRED.   The number of dogs worked in each class (morning or afternoon) is limited.  Your message subject line must include “Scheduling Classes”.  Let me know the date and session (a.m. or p.m.) that you would like to sign up for.  I will confirm your choice by email.  If you do not get a quick response from me, I may be out of town and will respond as soon as I can.

Enrollment fees must be pre-paid.  No refunds.
Drop-ins are included only as time allows, please call or email to make sure
I am teaching when you want to come. 
You may have to wait until the
afternoon class and may only get one opportunity to work your dog

First lesson $60
$40.00 for each class first dog
$30 second dog
Set of 10 lessons for $300
No Refunds

Understanding what is required of you and your dog, developing a working
relationship between the two of you, and being able to read the livestock is
not a quick process.  Students are encouraged to observe other students and
their dogs working in class and are encouraged to read ALL the herding
information provided on this web site.  As you progress you and your dog will
continue to be challenged by this sport.  It is common for beginners to feel
quite lost and uncertain.  Occasionally some dogs may seem initially
uninterested in the stock.  But as you both grow in confidence and in your understanding of the game, the light goes on and the herding fun begins.
Please let me know if you want me to added to
my herding list. I only use it for events or cancellation.

Feb  20     Tues     Bow               10:00
Feb 21      Wed     Bow               10:00
Feb 26      Mon     Bow               10:00
Feb 27      Tue      Bow               10:00
Feb 28      Wed     Bow               10:00
Mar 2        Fri        Bow               10:00
Mar 5        Mon     Bow               10:00
Mar 6        Tue      Bow               12:00
Mar 7        Wed    Bow                10:00
Mar 12      Mon    Bow                 10:00
Mar 13      Tue     Bow                 10:00
Mar 14      Wed    Bow                 10:00
Mar 19      Mon    Bow   10:00 Mini clinic 
Mar 20      Tues   Bow    10:00 Mini Clinic

Mar 21      Wed    Bow    10:00 Mini Clinic
​Mar 26      Mon    Bow                 12:00
Mar 27      Tues    Bow                 10:00

Mar 28      Wed     Bow                 10:00
Mar 30      Fri        Bow                 10:00
More to come

Beginning handlers and their dogs and
all breeds are welcome.